Meet The Birth Doula Team


Whitney Lowe

Birth Doula

Whitney is a compassionate and loving Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis Doula, Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, Reiki Master, Doula Mentor and Midwife Assistant. Perceptive to each birthing couples needs she has a knack for the perfect support during birth whether it be hypnosis techniques, aromatherapy, massage, or just grounding the energy in the room. Her love for the birth process is evident in all that she does. Having had her own journey with three very different births with each of her boys, from complicated hospital births to having her youngest at home supported by her doula and midwives, her passion is to empower women to find their voice in the process, to know their options, and to make peace with whatever path their journey may take.

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Lauren Aragon

Birth Doula

Lauren is a mama of two, Bradley childbirth educator, certified Hypnobabies doula, midwife assistant, and passionate about all things birth! She felt called to educate, empower, and hold space for women on their own individual journey into motherhood after her own experience with bringing her sweet babes into this world. She is here for the LOVE of birth, and because she knows first hand its transformative power. ✨⁣


Kelsey Bains

Birth Doula

Kelsey Bains is a DONA trained doula and birth enthusiast committed to learning and growth in the birthing field. Before becoming a birth professional, Kelsey obtained her Bachelors Degree in Athletic Training and her Masters Degree in Sports Exercise Psychology. Along with her birth training, Kelsey has 15 years experience in sports medicine. While this may not seem relative to the birthing world, the expertise in sports medicine as an emergent treatment has prepared Kelsey to nurture the needs of the birthing process. Additionally, Kelsey has trained under and provided life-coaching wisdom to couples and individuals. Her deep rooted passion was discovered while having the honor to be present at one of her best friends births, supporting both parents in the magical process. Kelsey's focus and drive stems from her knowledge of holistic medicine, allowing her to provide a loving and safe birthing experience that every new parent dreams of and deserves.


Ashley MacIntosh

Birth Doula

Ashley is a kind and patient Childbirth Doula, Midwife Assistant, and herbalist. She has a passion for educating her clients about the natural process of physiological birth. She is currently an RN
and midwifery student and is always eager to learn from her clients and each unique experience. With each birth, she supports she takes away something new to bring to her next client. She is
perceptive and in tune with what the birthing mother and partner need during the labor process and shows up each time with an eagerness and love of birth.


Alissa Baltodano

Full Spectrum Doula

Alissa is a Birth Doula, Certified Postpartum and Infant Care Doula with a passion for supporting moms through some of the biggest moments in their lives and it is her hope to support and empower you and your family through this next journey. Like most new moms before her, Alissa learned about her needs and those of her babies the hard way.  Reading books and taking advice from others was all she had as she journeyed through each unique pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience of her own two littles.She loves to garden and loves kids.  In fact, her favorite type of gardening is helping moms with the seeds they have planted, being by their side to watch them sprout and working together to help them bloom. Alissa brings an awareness and tenderness for those who need and deserve spiritual, physical, and emotional care during this time.  This is not a luxury, but a necessity that all women need and deserve.