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Meet the Doula Team

Whitney Lowe

Birth Doula

Whitney is a compassionate and loving Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis Doula, HypnoBirthing® Instructor, Reiki Master, Doula Mentor and Midwife Assistant. Perceptive to each birthing couples needs she has a knack for the perfect support during birth whether it be hypnosis techniques, aromatherapy, massage, or just grounding the energy in the room. Her love for the birth process is evident in all that she does. Having had her own journey with three very different births with each of her boys, from complicated hospital births to having her youngest at home supported by her doula and midwives, her passion is to empower women to find their voice in the process, to know their options, and to make peace with whatever path their journey may take.

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Lauren Aragon

Birth Doula

Lauren is a mama of two, Bradley childbirth educator, certified Hypnobabies doula, midwife assistant, and passionate about all things birth! She felt called to educate, empower, and hold space for women on their own individual journey into motherhood after her own experience with bringing her sweet babes into this world. She is here for the LOVE of birth, and because she knows first hand its transformative power. ✨⁣

Tiffany Blackham

Full Spectrum Doula

Tiffany is a mama to 4, certified Hypnobirthing doula, Prenatal Yoga Educator, Placenta Specialist, and seasoned Aromatherapist. It’s her unwavering passion to assist you in finding tenacious confidence within yourself, teaching you to trust your body and lean into your intuition as you embark upon this beautifully deep and personal journey. Having had 4 completely different births, from belly birth to holistic VBA2C, she believes every birth can be an empowering experience when you feel seen, heard and fully taken care of. Her gentle nature and encouraging spirit will be an incredible gift during your birthing time. Whether it be grounding presence, nurturing guidance, aromatherapy infusions, hypnosis, reiki, gentle touch or a calming sounding board, she will empower you and gently bring you back to a higher vibration. It’s her humble honor to walk alongside you and gracefully watch as you begin to believe in the wild possibility of yourself all because she believed in YOU first. 

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Brett Knight

Full Spectrum Doula


Being born and raised in sun-blessed Oceanside, California made it effortless to feel motivated to get outside and stay active. My passion for fitness was naturally instilled, which led me to become a personal trainer at the start of my career. This opened my eyes to a world of nutrition I never knew existed. The deep dives into nutritional research, as well as a personal battle with Lyme Disease, emphasized just how toxic much of what is offered to the mass markets can be.

Getting pregnant with my son was the icing on the cake. I wanted to take serious action and share what I have learned with women and mothers everywhere. My journey of gathering knowledge regarding nutrition, motherhood, and overall wellness eventually led me to my calling as a doula and wellness coach.

I currently offer holistic postpartum, nutritional, and wellness support, as well as Lyme Disease specific healing tips. I have healed myself with bee venom therapy and other holistic detox modalities.

Alissa Baltodano

Full Spectrum Doula

Alissa is a Birth Doula, Certified Postpartum and Infant Care Doula with a passion for supporting moms through some of the biggest moments in their lives and it is her hope to support and empower you and your family through this next journey. Like most new moms before her, Alissa learned about her needs and those of her babies the hard way.  Reading books and taking advice from others was all she had as she journeyed through each unique pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience of her own two littles.She loves to garden and loves kids.  In fact, her favorite type of gardening is helping moms with the seeds they have planted, being by their side to watch them sprout and working together to help them bloom. Alissa brings an awareness and tenderness for those who need and deserve spiritual, physical, and emotional care during this time.  This is not a luxury, but a necessity that all women need and deserve.


Holly Kohlmann

Full Spectrum Doula

My name is Holly Kohlmann (she/her), I am a wife, mother, and passionate educator. I am also queer and love fairy tales (I’m sure you can guess where the Mama Goose came from). I found a passion for babywearing when I had my daughter and connected with my local babywearing group. It grew into something more when I saw the lack of car seat education available and realized I could better serve my community by offering these services to parents and caregivers locally. In 2019 I became a  postpartum doula and began supporting local families in a more in depth capacity. I recently added Birth Doula to my repertoire and am excited to be able to support families at birth and beyond. I believe finding the perfect shouldn’t be a fairy tale and all birthing people should be supported.
My trainings include:
   •    Postpartum Doula with Cornerstone Doula Trainings
   •    Trained Babywearing Educator with Center For Babywearing Studies
   •    Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (Car Seat Tech) through Safe Kids Worldwide™
When I’m not providing postpartum support and education to families I can be found camping with my little goose and exploring southern California with my spouse.

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Codi Ellis

Birth Doula


Codi is a momma of two and a community birth doula. She’s came to birth work after having an empowering and beautiful birth experience with her daughter. Codi believes that not only does educating, supporting and nurturing women help them have a better birth experience but that it also shapes the start to their journey into motherhood.  Her main goal is to help women have an empowered birth that leads to an empowered momma who is confident in her body and her ability to mother her baby. Codi is a compassionate doula who will embrace you with warm arms and guide you to uncover your raw beauty and strength as you form your new identity as a momma. 


Zo'e Cole

Birth Doula / Birth Photographer


Zo’e began birthwork as a birth photographer and videographer and naturally continued the journey deeper into birthwork as a doula. She is a mama to two and having had both a hospital experience and a homebirth experience, Zo’e has great compassion for walking with mamas on their motherhood journeys through all the peaks and valleys. Zo’e approaches all of her work passionately and prayerfully believing that God can saturate any birthspace. Zo’e is incredibly empathetic and intuitive and believes that given the right education, intuitive support, empowerment, every mom can have the birth and postpartum that they desire and deserve. In addition to nerding out on birth, she loves ancestral nutrition, mediocre longboarding, and baking sourdough bread that may or may not rise. If she’s not photographing mamas on the beach, she’s probably splashing around with her little ones. 

Lauren Nolot

Birth Doula

Lauren is a momma of 3, Certified Birth Doula, CPR adult & infant certified, and a professional birth photographer. She specializes in intuitive birthing and trauma-informed care. Lauren brings a warm, grounding and calming presence with her into your birth space. She is a natural-born empathetic care-giver and advocate of women.  She has a deep passion to care for women by empowering them to trust their instincts and tune into their body. She strongly believes that each birth experience is beautiful because it is YOUR story. A great birth experience comes from being seen, heard, and respected as a whole human being no matter your background, race, size, or religion.  Lauren values you and knows that attending your birth is such an honor and cherishes her role as your Doula. 

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