Gentle Sleep Coaching Services

Sleeping Baby

 Newborn Sleep Shaping

Ideal for expecting and new parents of babies up to three months old, who want to lay the foundation of healthy sleep for their newborn.
I educate on good sleep hygiene & safe sleep, realistic sleep expectations, baby feedings, sleepy cues, soothing techniques and more!
Because sleep is the best form of self-care for everyone in the family I also offer:

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Gentle Sleep Coaching Services

As a certified sleep consultant, I pride myself on always taking a gentle approach. That's why I like to call myself A Gently Sleep Coach. We are not going to ignore your baby's needs, or cry it out.  We always, always  offer comfort. There are a lot of different methods that we can use, I have read all the books and taken all the training and had a lot of success helping babies to sleep with very minimum crying. What we do is we gently guide the baby to sleep better by paying attention to what we do during the day.  We are a team and we will figure out a personalized detailed sleep plan for your baby that fits into your family routine. We will have a deep long conversation about everything that babies do during the day like: sleep-awake windows, how eating impacts sleep, ideal sleep environment, day and night time confusion, belly time, play time etc. I want to reassure you that I will be with you  every step of the way, I am always available for virtual or in-person help.

My services include

·    Sleep coaching for Babies 4 months-18 months


·      Healthy Sleep Hygiene for Toddlers up to 5 years old


Sleep Method Package

·      Initial phone or video call to discuss your baby’s schedule, habits, awake windows, and special needs. We also talk about your family goals for your child’s sleep routine.
·      Personalized Sleep plan catered to your child’s needs and family specific circumstances.
·      Unlimited text, email support during the two week period (between 8am-8pm)
·      Schedule phone calls through the two-week period.
·      Final call to answer any last question.


In Person Sleep Training

My goal is to always help your baby sleep the quickest way possible with the least amount of crying. I work with children 4 months up to 3.5 years old. I will come to your house to start the sleep learning process. The first days are the most challenging, but I will take care of that for you. After my time is up, because consistency is the key, I will guide you step by step on the sleep plan. I want you to be comfortable continuing following the sleep plan I’ll provide for you according to your family's needs.


This package includes:

-         4 to 5 nights in-person help.

-         Personalized Sleep plan.

-         Unlimited text, email support for the two weeks period.

-         Schedule phone calls during the two-week period.

-         Final call to answer any last questions.

-         You can add more hours of in-person help, depending on availability.


I am always striving to offer the best care to the families I serve, that is why I am always educating myself and getting new training and certifications to offer you the best!. My goal is to make the forth semester and beginning of parenthood as smooth and blissful as possible.  I am looking forward to meeting you! - Gema