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I am emotional just thinking about this review. I'm not sure any words could describe how grateful we are for Whitney. Emotional about the absolute magic, love, light that Whitney is & all that she brings for each of her clients. Whitney is IT, simply that. She is nurturing in all the right ways. She is gentle. She is calm. She is confident. She is dependable. My husband and I knew from the moment we first connected on the phone that we didn't need to look any further. Her energy is everything you could possibly desire at a birth. She brings so much more than her physical self to the experience (from pregnancy to birth). She is able to energetically balance the room. Our birth was LONG. Pushing alone was close to 9 hours (with a break) and she was my person through it all. She was so gentle with me yet encouraging. She whispered the most motivational and inspiring things to me in moments that felt insanely intense. She kept me confident in knowing that my body is capable of miraculous things. I am forever grateful that we had Whitney by our side for our daughters birth, because without her I honestly can say the birth would not have been even remotely the same. Easily one of the best decisions we made.

Andrea F.

Hire Whitney - you will not regret it. She takes the responsibilities of being a doula very seriously and makes sure you feel heard and supported all while making the birthing experience approachable. She is well connected in the doula/midwife/holistic world, which I greatly appreciated as she helped us navigate through the rollercoaster of COVID-19. 

When Whitney is massaging your lower back and looking you in the eye to tell you, "You are more powerful than this contraction" in your weakest moment, you will remember this review and be glad you hired her.

Marjorie P.

To start, there are not enough good things I can say about this woman. Quite simply, not enough. The only bad thing about Whitney is that she can't possibly be everyone's doula! 
She was our birthing bedrock during my intense, whirlwind first-time labor experience. Ever calm and totally in our corner, she was both a peaceful and forceful presence getting me through each wave helping us navigate the hospital setting.
From our first call, I knew she was the person for us. I didn't even interview anyone else because I felt so strongly we'd struck gold with Whitney. I am so happy I trusted that gut feeling because I credit so much of our overwhelmingly positive unmedicated hypnobirth to her! 
Weeks prior to my labor she was so communicative, letting us know if she'd be out of the area (even two months out from my due date!) or just checking in. When both me and my husband started texting her pictures and nitty-gritty details about every symptom I was experiencing in the days before labor started she was so helpful and encouraging and always responded so quickly. 
During labor, she was able to keep me distracted and calm enough through my transition that I dilated from 5 to 10 in 30 minutes. Her counter pressure during pushing saved my back and after my daughter was born she held my hand through all the post-birth stuff the nurses and OB had to do. She's the best. 
I can't wait to get pregnant again so I can hire her again!

Kerri L.

Working with Whitney was an amazing experience! My husband and I have been calling her the MVP of our Hypnobabies birth team. She showed up in a pivotal moment when my midwife was underestimating how far I had progressed while laboring at home. This was my first baby, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Thankfully Whitney arrived and was able to tell that I was about ready to push my little one out and helped me get to the hospital in time to have a safe, natural, Hypnobabies birth. Her support was invaluable in maintaining my self-hypnosis and utilizing the Hypnobabies natural birth techniques I had spent so much time preparing to use. When I wasn't sure what to do or what I needed, Whitney was able to step in and give direction and support to help me and my husband maintain focus and use our hypnosis tools. She was always available for questions and was great about checking in and providing resources as needed leading up to my birthing time. Additionally, Whitney's personal experience with Hypnobabies and knowledge of how to support hypno-mamas was evident in her confidence using the techniques and her verbal cues throughout the birth process. Whitney's calm confidence and supportive presence was such a blessing during my birthing journey! We hope to use Whitney as our doula again in the future, she is truly wonderful!

Jessica F.

I got to have my dream birth thanks to Whitney! Where to begin... from first meeting Whitney I knew we were a match. I loved her energy and she immediately made me feel comfortable. Having it be my first time birthing I labored for 20+ hours. All natural, un medicated and the most positive experience thanks to her. Whitney massaged, comforted & help guide me through my birthing experience. When I felt like I had nothing left in me she helped me keep going. Not only was it the best experience but she also helped my husband. Having it be both our first time experiencing the birth process she made both of feel safe and supported! My husband was hesitant about hiring a Doula and my husband said it was the best money we've ever spent. If you are considering hiring Whitney look no further she is absolutely amazing and she will be our doula for our future children!

Brett K.

Whitney was an essential part of my positive and calm birth experience. I was a first time mommy-to-be who took a HypnoBirthing class and was listening to my affirmations daily. As my due date got closer the more nervous I became about birthing. I knew my husband would support me as much as possible but birthing a baby was new territory for both of us. I wanted to put my mind at ease and started looking for a doula late in my pregnancy (Around 36 weeks). After interviewing multiple doulas and feeling discouraged from the lack of a connection, the universe brought me Whitney. I immediately felt a sense of calm and confidence when I met her. Her passion for what she does is tangible. Outside of her work as a Doula, she assists with delivering babies at birth centering, I could tell not a lot phases her at this point. I knew very quickly she was the doula for me. 

My birth did not go exactly as planned but Whitney was right there with us every step of the way. Supporting us where we needed it. My husband feels Whitney helped him tremendously when my birthing plan changed. Whitney gave my husband the confidence to help me physically and emotionally as I transitioned. He didn't feel excluded from the experience at all which was something he worried about. 

My birth was beautiful and I was surrounded by love. I plan to have Whitney at the birth of my future baby/babies.

Kristina S.

Whitney was invaluable to my birth experience. She has such a calming presence about her and could anticipate what I needed wether it be a towel with essential oils to place over my face or counter pressure on my back during a contraction. Whitney was actually my back up doula and so I hadn't met her prior to our birth but I have to say that she is such a warm and gentle soul that I instantly felt comfortable with her. We loved having her be apart of our birth.

Whitney J.

When we met Whitney we felt a comfort and bond right away. My husband especially was/is grateful for her partnership and help in coaching and guiding him through the process of both labor and delivery. For myself it was a huge relief to have someone who was not only highly educated and experienced but also loving, patient, and such a fantastic cheerleader when it was so very much needed. Our birth did not go as planned and things honestly went completely left for me and I was scared and unable to express myself or even lift my own legs. Whitney was right by our side during our hospital transfer, helping with check in and keeping things smooth as they could be. She personally helped to hold one of my legs, get pictures and put my beating heart back into my chest from my throat by telling me what the Dr. was doing and stayed with my son while the nurses handled him. Looking back I cannot imagine us getting through things the way they went without her love and guidance. No matter the situation Whitney is strong, confident, and knowledgable in what to do. She is a feirce doula and now lifetime friend.

Jason & Leah E.

Whitney was the most amazing decision I ever made. With my last child I wanted the experience to be as pleasant and memorable as possible. Whitney listens to your birth plan. She is timely, friendly, and kept constant communication. She was a wealth of information and welcomed advice. Her oil knowledge and use was on point and super helpful. I became a believer. She is also very knowledgeable about different positions and techniques to reduce contraction discomfort. She brought all her goodies to the hospital and made sure I had everything that would make me comfortable and the perfect solution to every situation. Finally I have to say her reiki and massage techniques were so wonderful! I am so happy we chose Whitney to help us bring our wonderful son into this world. I am certain without her assistance and support I would have ended up with a c-section. Thank you Whitney! Xoxo

Rebekah Z.

I am so grateful Whitney was a part of my birth. She is such a kind soul and such an amazing doula and reiki practitioner. Her energy is peaceful and calming. You can tell she truly puts her heart into what she does and was meant to do this work. We had a natural hypnobabies birth and Whitney knew all the hypnobabies cues to help me during the birth. She intuitively knew when it was time to ask if I wanted essential oils, to place her hand on my forehead with a hypnobabies cue such as "peace", when to use the rebozo etc. She is so in tune. Everything flowed so beautifully. I felt so empowered during my birth and free to birth in the way I intended, while also supported and nurtured. She has a way of making you feel nurtured, cared for and safe while also empowered to birth your baby. Highly recommend Whitney !!

Angela C.

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