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Whitney Lowe

Birth Doula

Whitney is a compassionate and loving Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis Doula, Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, Reiki Master, Doula Mentor and Midwife Assistant. Perceptive to each birthing couples needs she has a knack for the perfect support during birth whether it be hypnosis techniques, aromatherapy, massage, or just grounding the energy in the room. Her love for the birth process is evident in all that she does. Having had her own journey with three very different births with each of her boys, from complicated hospital births to having her youngest at home supported by her doula and midwives, her passion is to empower women to find their voice in the process, to know their options, and to make peace with whatever path their journey may take.

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Lauren Aragon

Birth Doula

Lauren is a mama of two, Bradley childbirth educator, certified Hypnobabies doula, midwife assistant, and passionate about all things birth! She felt called to educate, empower, and hold space for women on their own individual journey into motherhood after her own experience with bringing her sweet babes into this world. She is here for the LOVE of birth, and because she knows first hand its transformative power. ✨⁣


Sarah Waldron

Postpartum Doula

Sarah is a mama, nurse, birth worker, student midwife & nature enthusiast. Her work in birth has spanned over 8 years in hospital & out, at both birth centers & home. She provides knowledgable, compassionate birth support with the aim to guide birthing women through the transition into parenthood. Birthwork has been transformative for Sarah & she holds the belief that birth is a rite of passage that deserves respect & to be honored. Sarah & her husband welcomed their daughter into the world during their own transformative water birth three years ago.


Rachelle King RN, IBCLC

Lactation Consultant & Postpartum Doula

Rachelle is a Registered Nurse and International Board  Certified  Lactation Consultant as well as a postpartum doula and belly binder. She has been serving the birth community in various roles since 2012, both in and out of the hospital setting. Having such experience gives her a valuable perspective and appreciation for births of ALL kinds.

As a postpartum nurse caring for families in the Mother & Baby Unit Rachelle saw a need for continued support in the weeks following birth.  It is her belief that the postpartum phase should be a period to honor the mother and offer her the time and space to rest, reflect and accept the myriad of changes occurring both within and outside of her body. To be nurtured and nourished while she becomes connected to her earth side child. For many cultures this practice of “lying in” will last for 40 days, in which time the mother is encompassed in love and support by family, friends, and trusted professionals. It is with great respect and passion that she would like to assist families in implementing a plan of care inspired by such traditional and mother centered practices.

Rachelle is attuned to the many emotional needs that may surface and can support parents through a vulnerable time. She is delighted to provide families with her knowledge and compassionate care as they discover their new rhythm and explore their transformation. Her and her husband welcomed their daughter in 2010 and their son in 2016. As a family they enjoy playing games and taking drives along the coast.


Emily Smith, NCS

Newborn Care Specialist & Doula

Emily is a former early childhood educator, educational recruiter, nanny extraordinaire, certified Newborn Care Specialist and Doula passionate about all things childcare and supporting new moms through their journey into motherhood + beyond!

She feels called to support, educate, empower, and build relationships with women on their journey into motherhood both pre & post birth, and is specifically passionate about supporting their developmental needs as they transition from newborn to toddler and then student. She is here for the LOVE of children, moms & birth, and looks forward to the day she can be a mama herself. 

You can find her leading our Newborn Care classes, as well as caring for and coordinating care for our sweet new babies, and heading up our postpartum care team. 

Her scope of services include:

  • Night nanny/Nurse/Newborn Care Specialist Support (daytime OR nighttime support, OR 24/7 support- rates vary for all 3). 

  • Childcare Consults- book her to talk through and evaluate your childcare needs & then get connected to potential nanny/childcare clients. 

  • Nanny Consults- are you a caregiver? Emily can talk you through and evaluate your career objectives, resume & cover letter critique and any and all questions you have about building up your nanny services. Click here to learn more and book a consult.

You can find her leading our Newborn Care classes, as well as caring for and coordinating care for our sweet new babes, and heading up our postpartum care team. 



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