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The Nurture Birth Team

About Us

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Whitney Lowe

Birth Doula & Founder
Whitney is a compassionate and loving Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis Doula, HypnoBirthing® Instructor, Reiki Master, Doula Mentor and Midwife Assistant. Perceptive to each birthing couples needs she has a knack for the perfect support during birth whether it be hypnosis techniques, aromatherapy, massage, or just grounding the energy in the room. Her love for the birth process is evident in all that she does. Having had her own journey with three very different births with each of her boys, from complicated hospital births to having her youngest at home supported by her doula and midwives, her passion is to empower women to find their voice in the process, to know their options, and to make peace with whatever path their journey may take.

Codi Ellis

Birth Doula & Team Coordinator

Codi is a birth doula who strongly believes in a woman’s innate ability to give birth and care for her baby. She also believes that birth is a natural function of a woman’s body that can be empowering, transformative and helps shape the beginning of motherhood. While she has always had a deep admiration for birth, she finally came to birth work after having an empowering and beautiful birth experience with her daughter that helped her realize how pivotal the education and support she had was. 

Her main goal is to help women have an empowered pregnancy and birth that leads to an empowered momma who is confident in her body and her ability to mother her baby. Codi is a compassionate doula who embraces each momma with warm arms and helps guide them to uncover their raw beauty and strength as they from their new identities as a momma.

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Whitney & Alissa are the lead doulas at Nurture Birth and are backed by a team of compassionate and trained birth and postpartum professionals. Combining their expertise in all things birth and postpartum, they've created an incredible network of professionals and a doula matching process that provides a perfect handpicked person to support you on your journey into parenthood.


Whitney & Alissa personally review every inquiry and choose only the perfect matches for you based on your needs and goals. You deserve to feel supported, nurtured, and loved every step of your pregnancy and postpartum. Nurture Birth is here to make that happen.

Image by Hollie Santos
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