Postpartum Services

The Nurture Birth team offers a wide variety of postpartum support services including lactation support, newborn care services, and around-the-clock support for postpartum parents and families.


Alissa Baltodano

Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Maternal Care

Baby’s health is mother’s wellness.

  • Provides bonding support with your newborn.

  • Provides nourishment for new mother with emotional & physical support. 

  • Assists in working through birthing/postpartum experience & feelings.

  • Assists with ensuring mother is honoring herself with self care, which can include showering, napping, movement, meditation, time alone, or time with partner and/or older children.

  • Assists with perineal care.

  • Assists with feeding (breastfeeding, pumping, alternative feeding methods, formula).

  • Provides newborn care (diaper changes, swaddling, soothing, bathing and massage techniques).

  • Assists and/or provides baby wearing and alternative techniques as needed.

Postpartum Family Care 

Working in service for mother, partner and the family as a whole.   

  • Provides guidance in development of goals for new rhythms & navigating new family dynamics.

  • Helps create a community of support before and after baby has arrived. 

  • Assumes light house work (laundry, dishes, tidying up, simple meal prep). 

  • Provides resources for local practitioners.

  • Offers guidance in discovery & adjustment to new family rhythm.

Nurturing the Nest 

Strategic, nonjudgmental, and personalized to each unique family dynamic. 


Sessions may include, but are not limited to the following parent support topics: 

  • Sibling preparation & support for welcoming home a little one. 

  • Personalized parent education unique to your family dynamic. 

  • Guidance based on development of your unique child.

  • Self care - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. 

  • Establishing age appropriate responsibilities for all members of the household

  • Setting and honoring personal boundaries. 

  • Facilitating learning opportunities with and for your child. 

  • Risks vs. benefits when problem solving and decision making. 

  • Preventing ownership of your child’s struggles.

  • Resources and referrals specific to your family as needed.

We could center our conversations around topics like starting solids, creating healthy sleep habits, setting up play spaces, sibling dynamics, setting boundaries, the possibilities are endless when it comes to each and every families rhythm.


Liza Esayian

Postpartum Doula


  • In-home physical and emotional support

  • Holding space for Mothers to share and release emotions from birth and postpartum experience

  • Encouragement for mothers to feel into their intuition to find their specific style of Mothering

  • Suggestions and support for developing self care practices

  • Skin to skin baby bonding

  • Full body massage

  • Womb specific massage

  • Vaginal steams Herbal baths

  • Belly Binding

  • Moxibustion

  • Bone Closing Ceremony

Household Support

  • Medicinal meals prepared in home or delivered 

  • Sibling care

  • Light laundry

  • Light tidying up

Baby Support

  • Breastfeeding

  • Bathing

  • Baby Wearing (sling, wrap, carrier)

  • Diapering including cloth diapering 

  • Sleep and soothing methods 

  • Baby massage


Casey Rovetti

Postpartum Doula, Lactation Education Counselor, & Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Mother Care

Assisting mother in postpartum healing though education and support
Casual massage
Preparation of herbal sitz baths
Facilitation of self-care (shower, nap, movement, time alone or with partner/children),
Guidance in development of goals for new rhythms & navigating new family dynamics
Aid in light movement or walks (when appropriate)

Emotional Support


Listening and assisting in processing of the birth story

Listening and validation of postpartum experience Partner and/or sibling support for adjustment to new family dynamics and routine
Serve as gate keeper and voice for the new mother if desired

Infant Care Assistance with bonding and nurturing

Breastfeeding/pumping education and support
Bottle feeding tips and tricks
Navigating newborn care basics (diapering, swaddling, infant massage, bathing, nail care) Establishing flow of feeding and rest

Baby wearing assistance and education

Nutritional Support

Postpartum specific meal preparation to maximize key

nutrients and support digestion & optimal healing Food and nutrition support for family/older siblings Hydration tips & tricks
Postpartum specific herbal teas & tonics to support hormone balance, breastfeeding, & repletion of lost nutrients


Household Support

Light laundry
Kitchen clean up
Home organization (nursery, bedroom, etc.) Light errands
Grocery shopping and meal planning Support for partner and siblings


Overnight Postpartum Support Same emotional & physical support as a day visit

Collaborate with family to determine needs, then create a plan to implement steps toward meeting family goals
Focus on facilitating rest for parents
Assistance balancing sleep and breastfeeding

May include complete night time care Overnight log of infant behaviors